mikeh49 wrote: 
> @mwr - Thanks, got them will try with a new install.

I really don't know what issues you are having.

The first paragraph or two of this thread shows how I install an LMS
'deb' package from the command line, using -apt-.

I would download the 'arm' deb, because it contains most of what you
need without too much X86/etc crud. That you seem to have done.

But we can expect that LMS will simply die horribly, or silently, or in
some other manner, on your armel system because the necessary binaries
aren't there. In fact, you may need to kill it off yourself with a
suitable -sudo systemctl stop logitechmediaserver- or similar stanza.
You'll have to put those binaries in the right place before you see any
useful result. Chickens and eggs spring to mind. I really don't remember
what the sequence of events was.

I can see no reason for the relevant start up file in -/etc/init.d- not
being there. Given that LMS was clearly starting up I rather think it
must be. And you seem to be logged in as -root@Dell-M300-, so I don't
know what the issue about being, or not being, root is. I always log in
to my SheevaPlug as regular user, and use -sudo- to do this stuff,
because you do need root privileges.

Are you doing this on an otherwise working Debian Buster system ? I know
nothing about the M300, and I haven't come across it before.

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