On 10/15/19 5:05 PM, Georg Lukas wrote:
as mentioned before, I disagree with that, as in my eyes, 0392 is
conceptually not different from Avatars in any way, except that it
doesn't add wire protocol.

I disagree here. I see severe conceptual differences between 0392 and 0084.

0392 only describes logic on how to display things, i.e. it mandates user interface decisions. It does not describe a wire protocol at all.

0084 mainly describes a wire protocol for publishing and receiving avatars. The only sentence that contains user interface decisions is in ยง7.3 "The receiving application SHOULD NOT scale up an image when displaying it." I believe many clients actually ignore this and for some clients I would probably complain if they wouldn't scale a 5x5 avatar up to the clients typical avatar size, as it would probably look terrible to not do it. This is also a nice example where a XEP mandates UI, which maybe was a good idea back in 2003, but isn't the expected UI nowadays.

When it comes to compliance, I don't expect a compliant client to display avatars in any specific way, but it should provide means to publish an avatar and to receive an avatar. Storing avatars in a local directory is sufficient for that goal. What would be the requirements for a client to be compliant with 0392? This will become relevant (and thus should be considered before finishing it) for the compliance badges.

IMO XEPs should never mandate anything on UI. It makes a lot of sense to give hints how things could/should be displayed, especially when it has security implications. But a Standards Track XEP (which according to XEP-0001 describes "a wire protocol intended to be used as a standard part of XMPP technologies") is not a place to define which user interfaces are "right" or "wrong".

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