David said:
> I believe the Velocity site has a comparison to JSP.  Of course, they like
> Velocity better.  If it's important that new developers be productive
> immediately I would go with JSP because that's a java standard that they
> will already know.

also, if you haven't already, be sure you look into the Velocity Tools
subproject.  a fair bit of work has already been done there to integrate
Struts and Velocity.  personally, i use the two together and am really
enjoying the process.

i'm of the lucky few :) that has had almost no experience with JSP, so i'm
no doubt a little biased, but i don't think you need to worry about time
spent learning Velocity.  it's really quite small and simple; the basics can
be picked up quickly.   if you want to do JSP well, you can easily spend
more time learning taglibs (unless you already know them of course).

one thing that may ease your concern is that with the Velocity Tools
project, it is quite easy to use both Velocity and JSP side by side.  there
are examples included there for that.  also, the Veltag allows you to use
Velocity right inside JSP (link below).

the one drawback you should be aware of for Struts+Velocity is that not as
many people do it yet, and there's not exactly prodigous amounts of
documentation or examples floating around yet.  the Velocity Tools stuff is
a good start though, and if you look into it, be aware that much of the
documentation for tool management and such is mostly in the javadocs right
now.  here's some links that may be of interest to you:

Gabe Sidler's docs on Velocity+Struts:
Velocity Tools home:

Nathan Bubna

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