Dave said:
> No offence taken, but I do have some comments, which are below...
> >>>yeah, no offense intended to David Johnson, but that's a
> >>>really poor way to use Velocity.  it looks as though that
> >>>method is intended to spit out some HTML hardcoded into
> >>>whatever $macros is or some such thing.  the HTML shouldn't
> >>>come from the java, it should be in the template to begin
> >>>with, or at least defined the global Velocimacro library.
> >>>that way the code could just be:
> >>>
> >>>#showNavBar( true)
> >>>
> >>>anyway, i hope i'm not coming off too argumentative, it's
> >>>just that these are poor examples of using velocity.  i
> >>>wouldn't want people to get the wrong idea. :)
> >>>
> In the case of the NavBar, there was an existing JSP NavBar tag and I
> wanted to use that NavBar from Velocity.  In general, I think you
> (whoever you are) are correct: the Velocity template (or a Velocity
> macro) should be responsible for creating the HTML based on the model
> objects that have been placed into the context.

yeah, i had a feeling it was something like that.  i can see that that is
useful for initial development, but unless you have some real need to keep
that HTML output always in sync with the NavBar tag, i think it would be
best to move away from that as you continue to develop the product.

Nathan Bubna

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