One thing that should be considered is not a technical issue.  It's
clear that the number of JSP developers is much larger than Velocity
developers.  That doesn't mean JSP is "better" than Velocity, but it
means that people and training will be more portable when using JSP.
Assuming that same population disparity, however, you can also assume
that many Velocity developers will be at least somewhat familiar with
JSP, but not as much the other way around.

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> I have settled on Struts as my application framework, 
> assuming that there 
> will continue to major shifts in the future (like the shift 
> to 1.1 has 
> been, which I like).  However, I have not decided on the scripting 
> language, if that is what you want to call it, viz. JSP vs. 
> Velocity or 
> some other choice.  At the risk of engendering the passions of the 
> committed, does anyone know an especially reliable guide to 
> the pros and 
> cons of the various choices?

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