Can you explain what you want to do in english, rather than pseudocode?

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I am looking to do something like what is listed below, is it possible or a
way to do similar:




  <definition name="doc.errorPage">

              <put name="title"  value="ACINT21 Contact Screening Status
Viewer" />

              <put name="body"   value="/WEB-INF/view/main/error_page.jsp"



  <definition name="doc.userNotFound"  extends="doc.errorPage">

              <put name="title"  value="User Not Found" />


              <!-Here is where the problem is on how to do this so I am
making it pseudo code -->

              <use name="body" />

                   <put name="longFormattedDisplayString">

                            This is an error: <br>

                            Blah blah blah<br><br>

                            If this persists contact blah blah



              <!-above here is where I don't know how to do this-->






<tiles:getAsString name="longFormattedDisplayString" />



Message: <%= exception.getMessage() %><br>

<p>With the following stack trace:



<% exception.printStackTrace(new PrintWriter(out)); %>





Basically, I want to have a reusable error page that has a configurable (&
HTML formattable) message to the user.


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