If you use Tiles Definitions, you can get rid of this second jsp(holder jsp) per 
page.So you end up writing just one jsp(te body part jsp)per page..

Following is what you do.

Write one jsp which include all the reusable jsps and have the common layout for your 
I call this CLassicLayout_template.jsp

It will have includes like this.

<tiles:insert attribute="header" />
<tiles:insert attribute="menu" />
<tiles:insert attribute="bodyContent" />
<tiles:insert attribute="footer" />

with proper layout offcourse.

Then define a base definition for u r site like this in tiles-defs.xml..
 <definition name="base.classicLayout" 
          <put name="header"            value="/WEB-INF/jsp/tiles/header.jsp" />
          <put name="navigation"        value="/WEB-INF/jsp/tiles/sidebar.jsp" />
          <put name="content"           value="${content}"/>
          <put name="footer"            value="/WEB-INF/jsp/tiles/footer.jsp" />

Then per page you just extend this page and overridfe the body portion..

<definition name="cs.admin.homepage" extends="base.classicLayout">
                <put name="content"             

In fact, ted Husteds book(Struts In Action)has a very chapter about it.That should 
ehlp u.


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There's a method of reducing this duplication in Ted Husted's "Struts in 
Action" book - the method, I believe, is called the "body wrap" method 
and it addresses a particular situation that is common, that allows you 
to eliminate this duplication. Also, you can define and extend tile 
definitions in XML, that also help mitigate and leverage the 
scaleability of Tiles.

I recommend you check out Ted's book or other Struts books that also 
address Tiles.

Kalra, Ashwani wrote:

>I tiles you have to maintain two pages. One that includes all the sections
>like header, footer, variable content jsp, etc. and one jsp which contains
>your code(varible part).
>This doubles up the no of jsps ?  Is it ok. any work around ?
>Ashwani Kalra
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