well this is ok

tiles is used to manage many jsp sides with all nearly the same layouts over
one configuration file

this means you have to maintain (if you use full tiles power) minimum 3
the layout jsp (setting positions of header, body, footer, and so on)
the content files (foreach (header,body,footer,and so on){ you have to make
jsp sides;})

the configuration xml file ( setting which content file should be used at
which position in layout file)

the advantage is that if all websites have the same header and footer you
only have to create the footer and header jsp once

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> hi,
> I tiles you have to maintain two pages. One that includes all the sections
> like header, footer, variable content jsp, etc. and one jsp which contains
> your code(varible part).
> This doubles up the no of jsps ?  Is it ok. any work around ?
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