Here is a little more detail:

I want a single reusable JSP error page which will have two pieces.
1. The message the user sees must be variable 
   (was a prob., figured out a decent solution. I still want multi-line, 
   formatted HTML to be sent to the JSP though)
2. The stacktrace printed in an HTML comment. (no problem)
3. Defined as a tile. (no problem)
4. JSP directive: errorPage="doc.specificError2" (this I'm not sure about)

I can do everything except figure out how to have the tiles def called if a
JSP error occurs.

  <definition name="doc.errorPage">
  <put name="displayText"  value="Unexpected Error" />
  <put name="body"   value="/WEB-INF/view/main/error_page.jsp"/>

  <definition name="doc.specificError" extends="doc.errorPage">
  <put name="displayText">
  Hello User: A specific Error occurred.<br>  Please do this.

  <definition name="doc.specificError2" extends="doc.errorPage">
  <put name="displayText">
  Hello User: A different specific Error occurred.  Please do that instead
of this.<br><br>
  More Text...

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