Hi Dirk:

Using the latest master (compiled on my Arch box), I get:

On 19-09-2016 18:20, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
Here's a specific request for testing:

Go through the preferences. Check whether "Apply" does the right

It does.

thing. Check whether "Cancel" does the right thing.

It does.

Check if the
settings gets remembered correctly if you exit  and restart the app.

No. If I change the language to Portuguese and press save and restart Subsurface, the language remains in English. If I change the units (from personalize to imperial) I get a warning about the need to restart subsurface in order to change the language!. After I close the program and restart, the units are still the original.

Test downloading from divecomputers. Via cable, via Bluetooth.
Test FB integration.
Test the dive planner.
Read the user manual and point our discrepancies.

I'll keep on testing...


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