On 02-02-18 18:51, Dirk Hohndel wrote:
Hi there,

I’m finally back and feeling well. Still catching up with all the activity on 
GitHub - it’s so nice to see that things continue even if I’m not available.
Thanks to Jan, Robert, Lubomir, and everyone else who kept things moving!

Good to have you back Dirk. As you can see on GitHub, I (and I think most of guys that can commit to master) sometimes struggle a little with the question "Should I commit this or just wait for Dirk?" And than Willem starts asking "do I need to do something to my PR to get it merged" :-) when a simple PR is sitting idle for a couple of days.

It’s been over a month since the last release, the CHANGELOG doesn’t show a lot of exciting activity, but we decided to try for a much more steady release cadence, so I think we should do this.

Agree, and we might even consider a new mobile version to the respective app stores, as we are still sitting at 2.0.1 (4.7.4-280), so we (deliberately? not sure) do not follow the monthly schedule there. Obviously, the relevant progress there is a little less, but funny was that Robert and me at Boot Dusseldorf immediately had to say to Matthias "oh, that issue you are trying to show us with the mobile app is already fixed upstream".

I just pushed the latest translations to Transifex (not a lot of new strings, 
but a hand full that deserve translation). It would be nice if everyone could 
make sure that nothing got broken and that we document what got fixed.

And NL done.

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