On 2 February 2018 at 19:51, Dirk Hohndel <d...@hohndel.org> wrote:
> Hi there,
> I’m finally back and feeling well. Still catching up with all the activity on 
> GitHub - it’s so nice to see that things continue even if I’m not available.
> Thanks to Jan, Robert, Lubomir, and everyone else who kept things moving!
> It’s been over a month since the last release, the CHANGELOG doesn’t show a 
> lot of exciting activity, but we decided to try for a much more steady 
> release cadence, so I think we should do this. I just pushed the latest 
> translations to Transifex (not a lot of new strings, but a hand full that 
> deserve translation). It would be nice if everyone could make sure that 
> nothing got broken and that we document what got fixed.

looking at CHANGELOG.md it could get some more entries in there:
git log v4.7.6..HEAD --oneline

i guess i can go through these and see if something can be added but
would be best if the committers them self do it.

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