I am in the process of moving from a W2K-Pro machine running SM v.1.1.5 to an XP-Pro machine running SM v.1.1.13.

I have located and copied the abook.mab and history.mab files and assume I can just pasted them into my new SM v.1.1.13 installation. Please correct me if that assumption is wrong.

The next thing I would like to move is the file that contains all of the stored passwords for www sites I regularly visit. What is that file or files called and can they just be pasted into my new SM v.1.1.13 installation?

If there is any other bit of historical information buried in SM that I should be thinking of moving, please don't hesitate to tell me. I have, however, already successfully moved all of the mail files themselves. There was a thread back in October, more-or-less, on this subject but I ended up getting confused after trying to follow it several times.

Thank you, in advance, for guidance or pointers to where this kind of a move is discussed in hopefully easy-to-understand language.
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