John Boyle wrote:
the so called developers have NO RESPECT for either
the users or someone who is older and trying to cope and learn!

Insulting anyone will never make them listen to you. Well, it may work in the military or any other structure where you have a hierarchy which you can use to force others to follow your orders.

This just doesn't work in an environment where everyone is participating out of free will, donating his time and knowledge voluntarily to the project and where there's no real hierarchy to enforce what anyone is doing.

Insulting people (independent of being done with the usage of certain words or "just" some kind of content) will just make them turn away from you, no matter if your ideas are good or bad.

I also think you are judging features or changes in our software without actually knowing in what way they are going to end up in the final product (honestly, you couldn't know it, because not even us who are actively working on them do know all details right now). And still, even if we all would know what the options look like in detail, there's always a range of different tastes among the diverse group interested in using this product, and sometimes we must make compromises, one way or the other.

I respect your opinion and I think you should also try to respect opinions different than yours. It's not always easy, but doable. And maybe there's even some kind of solution we all could live with.

Robert Kaiser
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