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I uninstalled Acrobat and installed Foxit reader. It works fine as a separate program to view PDF files, but there is a problem if I click
on a pdf file from a Seamonkey window.

It starts to download, but then freezes. A popup will come up with a 'Server Busy' heading. The message says: The application cannot be completed because [file name] (application/pdf object) Seamonkey program is not responding.

Then there are two boxes below that can be clicked. One says Switch [which when clicked does nothing] and the other says Retry. If Retry is clicked, it goes away for a few seconds then the original popup comes back. There is a Cancel button also, but that is grayed out. I can't close the program after that without using the task manager. The task manager shows Foxit as being loaded, but if I kill that program I'm still frozen and have to kill Seamonkey also.

I tried adding Foxit to the helper applications but that did nothing.

Simply setting Foxit as the default file handler in Windows should be enough to automatically create the Helper Application listing in SeaMonkey. FWIW, here are HA screens from my properly operating Foxit/SeaMonkey installation.


If you click the Edit button on that screen you'll get this:



Those are my settings also.


What version of Windows?
What version of Foxit?

Have you tried uninstalling Foxit and re-installing it?


Vista Home Premium

Foxit Version 3.0 build 1120

Yes, I uninstalled it and downloaded a fresh version and reinstalled
that, but still no joy.

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