John Doue wrote:
> John Boyle wrote:
>> Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>>> HenriK wrote:
>>>> I just hope Seamonkey v.2.xx doesn't change too radically.
>>> unfortunately, it will! :-(
>> To Peter: That is what I am afraid of, as I really need to be able to
>> use what I have fully, without STRESS, which Robert Kaiser refuses to
>> understand nor do any of the other "developers"?!!!! Why do they keep on
>> being arrogant, after all the users who have tried to tell them they are
>> WRONG in what they are doing???????? And, despite there flippancy about
>> how people can contribute or whatever, they SEEM to  both ignore what is
>> suggested and NOT bother to say how people CAN contribute or change
>> something, IN DETAIL! As someone else said on this newsgroup, I am 65
>> yrs. old, plus a few months,and have HIGH BLOOD PRESSURE AND
>> HYPERTENSION,  and the so called developers have NO RESPECT for either
>> the users or someone who is older and trying to cope and learn! I
>> volunteers, but they put on airs as if they were dictators! I had hoped
>> that Ed Mullen and you would be able to pound some sense into Kaiser's
>> head or any of the other so-called developers, but, alas, they REFUSE to
>> listen! What a bunch of Obamanistas's they have turned out to be!!! Same
>> attitude, same stupidity, and they have turned me off entirely!!! I
>> cannot understand why Ed Mullen even gives them any slack, but that is
>> his business! I reiterate what I said before, I WILL NOT UPGRADE TO THE
>> ABOMINATION CALLED SM2!!!!! The developers can go jump into Lake
>> Superior, since they regard themselves as so superior, right NOW and
>> enjoy themselves! PHOOEY on them and their lousy behaviour and attitude!
>> It seems that the only persons who really care about what is happening
>> are people who are NOT developers, which tells a large part of what is
>> wrong with the whole process of garbage they are putting out and why it
>> SMELLS so rotten! I do not think I have been so disappointed in
>> something and someone as I have been in THEM!  If you notice I have NOT
>> used one expletive in this whole statement, and, yet, I am a retired
>> Army Sergeant, also! But, the garbage heads will and, if not, they will
>> certainly be as sarcastic as they have proven to be, in everything they
>> have put out on the subject! NONE of them has shown the least amount of
>> courtesy nor have they admitted they could be WRONG in even the least
>> detail NOR will they even LISTEN and take what the user's say
>> whatsoever! I am sending this even though I know it is a waste of time,
>> but at least you might understand, even if Ed Mullen does not seem
>> to!!!!!!!! Unless you and Ed Mullen and others, who have been with this
>> newsgroup a whole lot longer and can some how hammer the facts of life
>> into the alleged "developers" heads what is really needed, I am afraid
>> that Seamonkey will fail miserably and probably lose what market share
>> it may have against MSFT, now! People are fed up with this kind of
>> attitude and it is about time these so-called developers get off their
>> high horse and learn to walk!!!!!! >:o
> John,
> As you may have noticed if you read some of my posts, I do share with
> Peter and others some concerns about the way some features of SM
> *appear* to be headed and I voiced my opinion, which was not always very
> welcome.
> The same thing happened to me yesterday on the TB newsgroup when I dared
> suggest, in an answer to an OP, that I regretted the fonctionality of an
> addon which worked with FF1 and TB1 was no longer available in newer
> version. This got me some comments which were not very pleasant. Looks
> like you are not too welcome on such NG if you voice an opinion which is
> not shared by a "Champion".
> Nevertheless, I always *try* to write what I have to say in a reasonable
> and respectful manner. As you know as a former military, as I am,
> respect and dignity are the best way to handle difficult issues. I think
> you may have been carried away in your comments.
> Robert's reply to you deserves to be read twice. Even if we are part of
> a group of users who has some reasons to be concerned, the best way to
> be heard is to write sensibly and politely, to always allow others can
> have different opinions and to be aware that we seldom have all the
> facts they have.
> I suggest we keep insisting, within reason, on the features we want to
> see preserved, or ported to newer versions of SM. I believe this is the
> best way, the most constructive and even if we disagree with some
> positions, this is no excuse not to show courtesy and respect to people
> who work for us, the users.
> Regards
To John Doue and even Robert Kaiser: Even in the military you did NOT
get away with being arrogant and rude for very long, of that I can tell
you. You, Robert Kaiser, started off the insults with your own
statements and I, I am afraid, got a little carried away because of the
WAY you made those statements!!!! I despise arrogance, rudeness and
insults, even when I make any, but, if my Blood pressure and
hypertension are roused, I do get upset. I must admit that, obviously,
Mr. Kaiser, YOU DID LISTEN to what I wrote or you would not have
responded to it! Alright, I am willing to wait and see if you finally
get a decent product finished, and, ironically I am a long time user of
Netscape before I moved to Seamonkey, with the hopes of maybe getting
something I could learn and use for a long time to come!
    Also, I will not do/write anything more, until I see what the final
product is, and whether Ed Mullen or Peter Potamus and John Doue can say
it really is an IMPROVEMENT or not! I ask, Mr. Kaiser, that you learn to
rephrase how you say what you say, and stop acting as if everybody owes
you a living, since you DID VOLUNTEER for this!
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