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> - Den's post of the FF NG requested such a simple information - which 
> had not been answered by respectable members of that NG - that I 
> hesitated answering it, for fearing of missing the obvious and making
> a fool of myself. I finally did (not make a fool of myself ...), and
> my answer was exactly what the OP expected. Fact 1

Your answer was also the answer Potamus had given den the first time
den asked, three days previously.  

Also, in the thread you posted to, he had already gotten the response
"To back up bookmarks with Firefox 2 versions, go into the bookmark
manager window and choose Export from the File menu", which is just as
simple and will work just as well as the answer you gave.  den didn't
understand it, though, so asked the followup question you responded
to.  That's how it's supposed to work;  people ask questions, others
answer to the best of their ability, and followup questions are asked
and answered if needed.  IMO, there's no problem with the way it's
working in general and no problem with the way it worked in that
thread specifically.  den made it a little tougher by ignoring answers
he'd already gotten and by providing incorrect information (there are no
Fx 1.8.x versions), but that's no big deal.

I don't think this part of the food for thought has anything to do with
SeaMonkey, so I've set followup to mozilla.general.

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