John Doue wrote:
Question 1 - How do we make SM a realistic choice for basic computer
users, meaning those who tend to be satisfied with what they get when
they buy a machine. Vista and all its BS, unavoidable Explorer.

Sorry to be blunt, but I don't see those as our target group, I see those as what Firefox is targeting for and should be targeting for. I for myself tell those to look into Firefox. I tell advanced people to try SeaMonkey, but not novices. Our UI is way to overloaded for "basic computer users", IMHO.

Question 2- How do we bring this user who made the initial step
subscribe to our NG, how do we make him feel at home and what respect do
we show for his lack of knowledge.

That's something we surely should think about.

Question 3 - How do we manage to satisfy basic needs (read, needs from
people who just want to get there and who do not care how) while
catering to the enthusiast crowd most of us belong to.

Depends on what those users actually want. SeaMonkey might not be the answer for all of those.

Robert Kaiser
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