Robert Kaiser wrote:
John Doue wrote:
Question 1 - How do we make SM a realistic choice for basic computer
users, meaning those who tend to be satisfied with what they get when
they buy a machine. Vista and all its BS, unavoidable Explorer.

Sorry to be blunt, but I don't see those as our target group, I see
those as what Firefox is targeting for and should be targeting for.
I for myself tell those to look into Firefox. I tell advanced people to
try SeaMonkey, but not novices. Our UI is way to overloaded for "basic
computer users", IMHO.

Thank you, Robert, for saying this here!

I was thinking of adding to your "SeaMonkey Project Goals" thread, but wasn't sure how to set things up so that it would post HERE rather than to the dev group that you had the follow-up set to!

In my humble opinion, SeaMonkey should be aiming to be a bare-bones suite, i.e. basic browser, basic mail & news, basic composer AND a very good extension manager.

If you want to send HTML mail - download an extension
If you want to view video - download an extension
If you want a different theme - download an extension
If you want to upgrade your Java - download an extension
If you want to do whatever (advanced) - download an extension

So the whole thing that you very able guys do would become far more compartmentalised (which, I supposed could make the integration more difficult).

We now have 'phones that tell the time, take photos and browser the long before we have wrist watches, a la Dick Tracy, that can do similar. Making SeaMonkey (bare bones) as streamlined as possible could make it more Universal in operation.

(using his sister's computer)
(Test driving SM 2.x)
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