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> Andrea wrote:
>> I have SM set as my default browser, but there are rare occasions when I
>> want to use IE. When I open IE and put something in the address bar, even
>> Microsoft.com, it opens up in SM. How can I temporarily stop SM from being
>> the default browser or at least allow IE to open a page when I choose to do
>> that? The part about default browser is grayed out in SM's preferences
>> because it's already set as the default. When I go to Internet Options in my
>> control panel (Windows XP) or in IE, I checked off for IE to check to see if
>> it's the default browser, and I expected to see a screen asking me the next
>> time I opened it, but I haven't. Any suggestions?
> Best way is to use the IE tab extension. This way, you stay within SM, 
> even when you need to use IE.
> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/seamonkey/addon/1419

IEtab should be the first add-on (after Adblock+)
Please can someone make a version for SM2?
Jim S
        Tyneside UK
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