On 12/26/08 16:35, Andrea wrote:
> John Doue wrote:
>> Andrea wrote:
>>> I have SM set as my default browser, but there are rare occasions
>>> when I want to use IE. When I open IE and put something in the
>>> address bar, even Microsoft.com, it opens up in SM. How can I
>>> temporarily stop SM from being the default browser or at least allow
>>> IE to open a page when I choose to do that? The part about default
>>> browser is grayed out in SM's preferences because it's already set
>>> as the default. When I go to Internet Options in my control panel
>>> (Windows XP) or in IE, I checked off for IE to check to see if it's
>>> the default browser, and I expected to see a screen asking me the
>>> next time I opened it, but I haven't. Any suggestions?
>> Best way is to use the IE tab extension. This way, you stay within SM,
>> even when you need to use IE.
>> https://addons.mozilla.org/en-US/seamonkey/addon/1419
> Thanks. I do have the IE tab extension, but I still want to be able to use 
> IE itself if I want to. I used to be able to do that in some way even though 
> SM was the default browser. When I clicked on links the browser that opened 
> up was always SM--and that's what I still want. But I also used to be able 
> to open IE, type a URL into the address bar, and have it open up in IE, not 
> in SM. 

Are you saying that when you launch IE and type a URL into the address
bar, it becomes SeaMonkey?

When you run IE, what do you see when you go to Help -> About Internet Explorer?
I've been using various browsers since about ... what? 89? When they first
became - and I've never seen this. I'm guessing you're not typing your URL
into IE, but into something else.
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