Andrea wrote:
John Doue wrote:
Andrea wrote:
I have SM set as my default browser, but there are rare occasions
when I want to use IE. When I open IE and put something in the
address bar, even, it opens up in SM. How can I
temporarily stop SM from being the default browser or at least allow
IE to open a page when I choose to do that? The part about default
browser is grayed out in SM's preferences because it's already set
as the default. When I go to Internet Options in my control panel
(Windows XP) or in IE, I checked off for IE to check to see if it's
the default browser, and I expected to see a screen asking me the
next time I opened it, but I haven't. Any suggestions?
Best way is to use the IE tab extension. This way, you stay within SM,
even when you need to use IE.

Thanks. I do have the IE tab extension, but I still want to be able to use IE itself if I want to. I used to be able to do that in some way even though SM was the default browser. When I clicked on links the browser that opened up was always SM--and that's what I still want. But I also used to be able to open IE, type a URL into the address bar, and have it open up in IE, not in SM.

I needed to do something similar, pages not rendering correctly when visiting using Seamonkey, but okay when I use IE (haven't tried FF). I went to the above link and installed only to be told "Installer not found".

Any ideas?

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