Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
>You could:

Notes to Peter on use of the Archive:
You may prefer the pageview that shows the threading.
(I know I do.)
At the top of a thread page, it you click *Options* then *View as
/browse_thread/  in the URL turns into  /browse_frm/ .
(You can always edit the URL as well.)
Anything starting with a hash mark is just noise.[1]
(Thanks, crappy Google developers.)

To index a thread to a particular post,
the syntax is  .../thread/ThreadNumber/PostNumber

...and, if that post is the OP,
you gain nothing by putting in the Post Number.
[1] The question mark without any added parameters is noise too.
The 2 parameters that I find useful are:
?q=      (to highlight the text of a search string)


to show the post in a monospaced font
(e.g. for ASCII art or other spacing-dependent stuff).

So that your cookie won't remember the non-proportional font,
before closing the tab, you may want to do
*Options*; *Proportional text*.

You can also edit the URL as ?fwc=0 .
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