Michael Gordon wrote:
W. Watson replied On 12/31/2008 9:07 AM

Is it possible to easily produce other bookmark lists from my single list? For example, I'd like to take all BMs with the words, for example, stars, cars, mars, and bars, and place them into four individual lists.

Yes. With SeaMonkey Navigator open click on Bookmarks, then in the drop down menu click on Manage Bookmarks. Carefully study all the buttons and the search field options.
Click on the Help Button and navigate to Customizing SeaMonkey/Bookmarks.

You can even print the help files for referrence while you try performing some of the tasks.

From what I see under Customizing, I would think that you are suggesting I create four folders, for the above example. To create one search, in manage, for say mars. Now move all those into the Mars folder.

What I was hoping for was to create four "bookmark files". They would each be independent of the others. In the previous paragraph, a search would go through all four folders. Here one could only search each "file". I would expect something like the pulldown menu in the Bookmark bar. The icon looks like a little list with a down arrow in the lower right. If one selects it, there items like Shopping List,Stocks and News. I would expect maybe a selection for each of the four "files".
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