How is SeaMonkey going to select the appropriate bookmark file?

From what I understood from Watson he/she wants to select one of several bookmark files from a drop down menu and have the selected file open in Bookmark Manager.


I've already mentioned it here:


its as close as he/she/it with get

I understand your posts from earlier in this thread and I agree with your solution as a possible resolution to multiple bookmark files.

It can be a very clumsy way to use bookmarks because it uses the standard Windows Open File command from SM, if he/she has opened any previous file using this command, then when looking for the alternate bookmarks file, Open File will automatically open the last folder where Open File was used to access a file. This means remembering where on the HD the bookmarks were saved in the first place.

As we have learned here in this support group a lot of users have no idea where the SM default profile is located and may well have a difficult time locating it every time they want to load an alternate bookmark file.

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