On 01/05/09 13:23, John W. Barron wrote:
> Chris Garriss wrote:
>> On 05.01.2009 15:35  John W. Barron spoke thusly:
>>> I maintain a simple web page.  Recently, in making changes to the *.htm
>>> files using Notepad, the changes are not visible when the page is loaded
>>> using Seamonkey, but has been made when the program is run in Intternet
>>> Explorer.  I have clicked reload numberous times, deleted cookies, etc.
>>>  Yet, Seamonkey continues to load the previous version, even when
>>> program is restarted or rebooted.
>>> John W. Barron
>>> jbar...@nc.rr.com
>> Did you clear the cache so you were certain SM was loading a fresh copy?
> Unless there is a secret way to clear the cache that I don't know about, 
> I believe I did reaload several times.

Reload does not clear the cache.

However, I think if you use Ctrl + Reload (hold the Control key down while
clicking the Reload button) it will ignore the cache when getting the page.
You may want to try that first.

> How do I clear the cache?

See Edit -> Preferences, then Advanced, then Cache. There is a 'Clear Cache'
button there.
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