John W. Barron replied On 1/5/2009 2:35 PM

I maintain a simple web page. Recently, in making changes to the *.htm files using Notepad, the changes are not visible when the page is loaded using Seamonkey, but has been made when the program is run in Intternet Explorer. I have clicked reload numberous times, deleted cookies, etc. Yet, Seamonkey continues to load the previous version, even when program is restarted or rebooted.

John W. Barron


There are two possibilities.
1. With SeaMonkey open on the file in question clear your History and Cache.
2. The file you edited may be a copy of the original and SeaMonkey is reading the old file. Carefully read the full filename and path in Notepad and compare that to the fill pathname you see in SeaMonkey Location Bar.

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