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I think I was confused by your input. I need to be clear that you understand that the e-mails do show up in my in-box, yet there are a few which do not show any content or html content, which is not readable.

I have performed each step which P3H recommended and still receive a few messages a day which cannot be read. Some include e-bay and other professional messages I receive, which previously posed no problems at all.

Thank you again for your input and assistance.


Here is what I suggest.
1) Create a new mail folder (workxx), can be in your current profile.
2) Move any/all unreadable messages to workxx
3) Load up one of the unreadable messages.
4) Dislplay the message source . Should be ^U
 4.1) Extract the message header + the first several lines of
  the message, and post them as a message here to the newsgroup.
5) Play with the View options: show message body as, show attachments,
 character encoding.

How does the message body look when you look at its source?
Is it present and readable?

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