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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
NO wrote:
Hello all.. I have encountered this before and fixed it, yet cannot remember how to now.

There are a few messages which I receive that are totally in code, then others are blank and unreadable.

These messages are from people or organizations which I have received before and can read on other computers.

I Am using SM 1.1.14 and Vista business.

Thank you again.

try View, Message Body As, Original HTML.  Did that work?


Thank you for the response. I have just tried that, although it was already checked.

It still remains the same, not being able to read the message or a blank message.

Thank you, I do appreciate all you do around the groups here to help.


then try File, Compact Folders.  Did that help?

If not, then close SM, and delete all the *.msf files. Did that help?


Thank you again for the suggestions. I have completed compacting the folders and deleted the *.msf files and still cannot read the messages. I also, have looked at the edit > preferences to determine if there is something there which might affect the ability to read these messages and could not find one.

Any ideas there?

Thank you again,

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