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Oh... so you can see your e-mail "folders" which contain e-mail messages, but
when you open these messages, there appears to be no content?

What happens when you open the message, then use view -> message source (or
Ctrl+U)? Does that show anything?

I've had cases where really old e-mail message content was no longer visible,
but if I look at the source, it is there. I never figured out what was
happening, as I was able to get the needed content from the source of the
message and move on.

Funny (odd, not humorous) that you should bring that up.
Of course for SamuelS it's happening to new messages, BUT I get very
similar behaviour when retrieving and trying to display old news
articles with attachments. Here is a more detailed description:
1) Retrieve old article with picture attachment
 The picture displays and the little broken icon.
2) Attempt to open the attachment from the attachments box
 The system puts up a message that the article is not available
 or may have expired.
3) Again retrieve the article (close pane, get another article, close,
 re-retrieve the first article)
 3.1)  Ctrl-U
  This shows that the article content is there.
 3.2) file the article to a Local folder
 3.3) Open the Local folder
 3.4) Open the saved article
   The message opens and displays properly with picture included!

System is MS Win98-se, SeaMonkey 1.0.7, ISP is what was formerly news server, example of a
newsgroup with lots of that is
I have no idea what is going on!

I wonder if SeaMonkey knows that the message is there (through the use of
the index file?) but the actual message is not there? If true, I wonder
if the file containing the actual message content has become corrupted?

I'm afraid I don't know enough about how SeaMonkey maintains messages to
hazard much more than a guess. I would say restore from back-up.

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