John Boyle wrote:
Daniel wrote:
John Boyle wrote:
Daniel wrote:
John Boyle wrote:
Andrea wrote:
I recently upgraded Firefox to version 3.0.5, but I want to keep SM
as my
default browser. For some reason, my computer thinks that Firefox is
default--and both browsers are set that way. I don't know why
Firefox is set
that way because I didn't purposely do it, but I want to change it.
NOT checked off in Firefox Tools, Options, System Default.) I tried
SM as default in the control panel settings (Add/Remove Programs, Set
Program Access and Defaults), but once I OK out and then open it up
the setting isn't saved. I tried rebooting, but that didn't help.
I'm using
Windows XP, SP3 with SeaMonkey 1.1.14. Help. This has become a war
dueling Mozilla browsers.


To All: Why did Seamonkey switch the sender and subject column order?
Now, it seems, that all my email and newsgroups have sender first and
then subject! Not that I cannot live with it, but I would like to know
why????? =-O

John, I don't know why it happened but you are aware that you can drag
them to any order you wish, aren't you??

To Daniel: I am now aware that I can drag them into any order I want,
due to another persons email, not as a list subject, but I do not know
how. Please tell me? :-)

John, using your mouse, point at the word sender at the top of the
column. Click and hold down the left mouse button. With the button
held down, move the mouse to where you want the sender heading to be.

Do likewise for the other column headings, as needed!


To Daniel: Worked just fine, sorry I am so forgetful, and I do not
remember changing it to the other way, either! Oh well, senior moment, I
guess! :-)

Not wanting to acknowledge the existence of "senior moments", could it be that you installed a new version of SM somewhere, and this set everything back to original format??

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