Andrea wrote:
Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Andrea wrote:
I recently upgraded Firefox to version 3.0.5, but I want to keep SM
as my default browser. For some reason, my computer thinks that
Firefox is the default--and both browsers are set that way. I don't
know why Firefox is set that way because I didn't purposely do it,
but I want to change it. (It's NOT checked off in Firefox Tools,
Options, System Default.) I tried setting SM as default in the
control panel settings (Add/Remove Programs, Set Program Access and
Defaults), but once I OK out and then open it up again, the setting
isn't saved. I tried rebooting, but that didn't help. I'm using
Windows XP, SP3 with SeaMonkey 1.1.14. Help. This has become a war
between dueling Mozilla browsers. Andrea
since you're using windows, do this.  Close SM and FF.
 Open Internet Explorer, click on Tools, Internet
Options, Programs tab, and at the bottom, check and
make IE the default program.  OK your way out.  Close
IE then reopen it and close it once more.  Now, open SM
and it should ask if you want to make it the default.
Click yes, close SM and open FF.  It will ask if you
want to make it the default.  Click no.  Now, SM should
be set. Is it?

OK, when you say to make IE the default program, do you mean the checkbox for it to check to see if it's the default browser? If so, I checked it, OKed out, closed and reopened it. It was still checked off. But when I opened SM, it didn't ask to be the default. I looked at the SM preferencesoptions and it's still grayed out as the default browser. There's no checkmark in Firefox, but when I manually check, it still thinks it's my browser too. So now do I have 3 default browsers??

are you using vista? If so, then I can't help you any further. Sorry!

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