Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:

if you get a popup message telling you there is a problem with an email address, then that message is coming from SM, and you have to hunt and find which one is an error. It could be something like dan#whatever,com. Notice the errors in it. If you munged your return address, then you'll still see this message, as its coming from SM.

Mr Potamus, as I wrote in a follow-up, my error turned out to be
a _mis_spelled_ NOT a _mis_formed_ address in the list of addresses
that I was replying to! instead of
and the popup/Alert error message was originating from the server
NOT SM! (although, of course, SM was having Windows display the
Please read the messages from: Mark Hansen, Heavy duty, & again
Mark Hansen.

If you sent a message, and a few days later you get a message saying that one of the address has problem, then it might tell you which one. That message is coming from from your email provider. If you had munged your return address, then you won't see any message, as it would go into smtp limbo, and actually show up in the smtp logs as an error.

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