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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:

if posters come here via the mailing list, then they can't find the previous postings.

If posters are here via the newsgroup, then its too much trouble to look for previous postings, especially if they've only downloaded the last 10 or so. And in a recent posting of David's, he looked at the last 24 hours and couldn't find it.

Un, not quite. I've been on the MAILING LIST for < 24 hours. I knew I was likely asking a repeated question which is why I led with "sorry".

That's okay, we were all newbies once. Generally most mailing lists have a link to the archive on the list-info page. For support-seamonkey, there's a link at <https://lists.mozilla.org/listinfo/support-seamonkey>:
"To see the collection of prior postings to this list..."

And of course, welcome to support-seamonkey. :-)
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