keith_w wrote:
David L. Ross wrote:
Robert Kaiser wrote:
David L. Ross wrote:
Apparently the new SM v2 builds work better. And back to my original
question. Is there a current goal date when this might be ready?
Quarter? Year?

As I keep repeating, but it looks like only one person at a time is reading, our current plan is still to ship in second quarter of 2009.

Sorry. I'm new to this list and didn't see it anywhere else I looked.


Hi David,

It is entirely possible that you're SO new to the group you haven't run across the multitude of posts talking about this, for the last month and more.

Robert's point was, this question has been answered time and time again, literally dozens of times, yet people keep asking the same old thing, "When is v.2.0 going to be released?"

They read but they don't LISTEN!

I don't know of anyone who would have a better answer then Robert Kaiser, but people still keep asking, just like he had never even spoken a word!

He used to say, "When it's ready" but the same question keeps up, continually.

Considering the intelligence of 'the masses' it's little surprising.

Welcome aboard, David.

keith whaley

if posters come here via the mailing list, then they can't find the previous postings.

If posters are here via the newsgroup, then its too much trouble to look for previous postings, especially if they've only downloaded the last 10 or so. And in a recent posting of David's, he looked at the last 24 hours and couldn't find it.

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