Mon, 09 Feb 2009 16:45:49 -0600, /Lemuel Johnson/:

That's at best poorly written code. They've included the search text input field *inside* the text label for the input field, i.e.,

<label for="FIELDNAME">Enter keywords or serial number <input type="TEXT" id="FIELDNAME"></label>

It should be:
<label for="FIELDNAME">Enter keywords or serial number</label><input type="TEXT" id="FIELDNAME">

I don't know where you get that information. Input fields are just fine nested in a label. The label is implicitly associated with the form field and there's no need for 'id' and 'for' attributes that way <>:

To associate a label with another control implicitly, the control element must be within the contents of the LABEL element. In this case, the LABEL may only contain one control element. The label itself may be positioned before or after the associated control.

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