Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
Charles Milton Ling wrote:

I am in the process of backing up everything of importance. I have read the instructions about transferring a profile, but now discover that I have a profile I didn't know anything about! The Profile Manager tells me that I have two profiles, namely "default" and "test" (which I once created solely for testing). Using Windows Explorer, however, I find that my "main" profile, the one containing all my e-mail etc., is called "Charley". I cannnot recall that I created it, and - as said - the Profile Manager apparently doesn't know about it either! When I start SeaMonkey, "default" is apparently used, and works. I am a bit confused, and grateful for any help.

Thank you!

close SM. Open the profile manager, and have it point to this mysterious profile. Open SM using that profile. What do you see?

Sorry, Peter, but if I close SM, I surely cannot use the profile manager?

Charles Milton Ling
Vienna, Austria
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