Lee wrote:

To the best of my knowledge I followed the specific instructions given
but cannot receive my mail via SeaMonkey.  Also my server says it
does not have a secure connection.
Thanks for your reply.

L e e (in Florida)

O.k. I am on BS DSL here in the Raleigh Durham (RDU airport code)
area. I am using SM 1.1.14 on a Windows 98 se system.
Here are my settings:
On my preferences:
- Privacy and Security :
-- SSL (Secure Sockets Layer)
  all selections _except_ 'sending form data ...' are ON
-- Certificates
  ask every time is ON and only defaults for manage certificates
  and manage devices.
-- validation
  OCSP Do not use OCSP... is ON
- Advanced :
 Enable Java and Quick Launch are both OFF. I turned Java OFF
 because of a discussion here that Java hung some configurations.
-- Scripts & Plug ins
 Javascript for Navigator is ON and for mail&Newsgroups is OFF.
*** The other settings in preferences shouldn't matter, but if you
want to, just ask. ***
On my Account settings  for BS mail:
- Account settings
  outgoing SMTP server is 'urjlew - mail.rdu.bellsouth.net'.
  This is the same as it was before the switch!
- Server settings:
-- server name is 'pop.att.yahoo.com' port is 995
-- user name 'urj...@bellsouth.net'
- Security settings:
 SSL is ON, use secure auth is OFF, server setting 'Advanced' is
 use Inbox for this server's account.
- Disk space:
 Don't delete any messages.
*** Again if something is unclear, just ask. ***

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