Sun, 1 Mar 2009 19:38:24 -0500, /Roger Fink/:

As is true for gray-modern, which is what I use exclusively, but the SeaMonkey project would benefit overall from a revisiting of this issue, as there is no obvious downside to offering users an easily managed choice on an issue that is important to many people..

I don't think adjusting the GUI element font sizes is stuff to put in the main application. It would cause the GUI overloaded yet more for use by too few people. Changing the fonts of a theme could also break it in a way - I've previously done this with the modern theme. So probably it is best for the individual themes to supply additional customization options if they deviate from the system defaults. In this regard I see your problem as deficiency of the modern theme. For anyone insisting on using fancy custom graphics theme there's always the variant of using the "userChrome.css".

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