On 03/02/2009 03:21 PM, Jens Hatlak wrote:
> NoOp wrote:
>> README instructions for SM 2.x show the correct location:
>>> 4. Click the icon button and type in the following as the icon's location:
>>>        directory_name/chrome/icons/default/default.xpm
>>>      where directory_name is the directory where you installed SeaMonkey.
>>>      For example, the default directory is
>>>      /usr/local/seamonkey/chrome/icons/default/default.xpm.
> The location is right but the filename is not. ;-) I added a comment to 
> the bug.

Ah... your are right; default.xpm in SM 1.x and default.png (or
seamonkey.png) in SM 2.x - thanks & good catch :-)

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