Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
chicagofan wrote:
I am in mourning!  Apparently I exceeded the number of filters SM could
handle and the file exploded.  I got a message that my filter files were
being rebuilt.  I see today, that meant... that they had been wiped out,
and I'll have to start over.

To avoid this in the future, can anyone tell me *how many* is "too
many"... so I don't do this again?  There's one newsgroup that is
impossible to read without an abundance of filters.  :)

well, in one I've got over 1815 filters, and about 2/3 of them contain more than one filter setting. In another account I've got 4 filters and each one contains over 100 settings, so I doubt that is your problem.

Something being rebuilt sounds more of the index files are being rebuilt. I haven't heard of the filters being rebuilt. What happens if you reopen the program.

Close SM and take a look at the filter files in the SM profile. You should have a file called msgFilterRules.dat for each mail/news account you have filters set up for. Take a look at the file and see how big it is. Do you have a back up? Try putting the backup filter back.

Don't have a backup unless SM created one, when I got that message it was rebuilding. :(

I'll check out the files, and come back.  Thanks... :)
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