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Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
chicagofan wrote:

My new msgFilterRules.dat has 1KB [from today's entries] and there is a "rulesbackup.dat" file *created when that happened, that has 15KB. Is that the same file, or is that backup for something else on that date?
I've never heard nor seen a rulesbackup.dat and I really don't know
 what it is.

How would I put it back if I had a backup? Just change the name of the backup file and delete the new one?
I would give that a try.  Besure to do it with SM closed.  When you
 reopen SM are they there?

I'm going to skip the restore attempt, because I found that all of the news groups I read but that *one*, still had their original filters.

It's only the one group that has SO many filters that was wiped out.
That's why I still believe it has a "volume" limitation, which created a file over-run or something.. Sure wish I knew what it is.

P.S.  -  The lst message looks like that, because I'm having that "line
wrap" problem again.  Having to use rewrap makes this mess.
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