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chicagofan wrote:
I am in mourning! Apparently I exceeded the number of filters SM could handle and the file exploded. I got a message that my filter files were being rebuilt. I see today, that meant... that they had been wiped out, and I'll have to start over.

To avoid this in the future, can anyone tell me *how many* is "too
 many"... so I don't do this again?  There's one newsgroup that is
 impossible to read without an abundance of filters.  :) bj

well, in one I've got over 1815 filters, and about 2/3 of them contain more than one filter setting. In another account I've got 4 filters and each one contains over 100 settings, so I doubt that is your problem.

That sounds like the number of files I had, before.  Many within one

Something being rebuilt sounds more of the index files are being rebuilt. I haven't heard of the filters being rebuilt. What happens
 if you reopen the program.

SM opened fine, and I just had empty filters.  I don't think this had
anything to do with the installation of 1.1.14.  That was 2 weeks ago.

I've never seen this message before, and I think it said something about
"not able to read" msgfilter rules.

Close SM and take a look at the filter files in the SM profile. You should have a file called msgFilterRules.dat for each mail/news account you have filters set up for. Take a look at the file and see how big it is. Do you have a back up? Try putting the backup filter back.

My new msgFilterRules.dat has 1KB [from today's entries] and there is a
"rulesbackup.dat" file *created when that happened, that has 15KB.  Is
that the same file, or is that backup for something else on that date?

How would I put it back if I had a backup?  Just change the name of the
backup file and delete the new one?  Or copy and paste the backup file
into the newly created file?

Actually, I'm resigned to manually recreating the filters, I just wondered
if there was a known *maximum* that I should watch out for in this version
of SM?   :)
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