Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> u...@domain.invalid wrote:
>> I have a large mail map of 3.9GB whereof the Inbox is 2.3GB, located on
>> a FAT32 file system.
>> The problem is that the index file no longer does update automatic.
>> Trying to view new incoming messages, shows the text content of some
>> legacy old messages.
>> Selecting Inbox > Properties > Rebuild index does fix the index problem
>> temporary, until new messages are received.
>> Suggestions how to fix this index problem?
>> Rgds,
>> Terje
> close the program and delete the *.msf file for that account. Restart
> SM, then click on that folder, it should rebuild now.
> You might want to move some of messages out of that folder and separate
> that into some smaller folders.

I've tried that once before, but gave it a try again. As this is a
common SM mail box I use to access from dual boot Linux and Windows
systems and used over the generation with Netscape, Mozilla and now SM
email clients, I removed every *.msf file found on the system.

And yes, the index files rebuilds after SM startup. But when I send
myself a new test mail and receive it in the Inbox, the body content of
this message becomes blanc, before I rebuild the index file manually as
first mentioned.

I have no idea why not the index file updates itself automatically, or
may this be another issue?

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