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I have a large mail map of 3.9GB whereof the Inbox is 2.3GB,
 located on a FAT32 file system.

The problem is that the index file no longer does update
automatic. Trying to view new incoming messages, shows the
text content of some legacy old messages.

Selecting Inbox> Properties> Rebuild index does fix the index
problem temporary, until new messages are received.

Suggestions how to fix this index problem?

Rgds, Terje
close the program and delete the *.msf file for that account.
Restart SM, then click on that folder, it should rebuild now.

You might want to move some of messages out of that folder and
separate that into some smaller folders.

I've tried that once before, but gave it a try again. As this is
a common SM mail box I use to access from dual boot Linux and
Windows systems and used over the generation with Netscape,
Mozilla and now SM email clients, I removed every *.msf file
found on the system.

And yes, the index files rebuilds after SM startup. But when I
send myself a new test mail and receive it in the Inbox, the body
content of this message becomes blanc, before I rebuild the index
file manually as first mentioned.

I have no idea why not the index file updates itself
automatically, or may this be another issue?


You do have a very large inbox file.

Try this, as an experiment. Close SeaMonkey, navigate to the
profile and delete the Inbox.msf file again. Rename Inbox to

Open up SeaMonkey. Do you have the same problem downloading new


I've tried that experiment; created a new Inbox and didn't encounter
the index problem downloading new mail. I renamed OldInbox back again
to Inbox, and the problem arrieved again. My Inbox contains about
13800 mails, the oldest messages since 1999. I don't know if this has
exceeded some limit for what the SM indexing can handle?


The Inbox file can take quite a beating.  It is the introduction to your
email, it is opened and closed constantly.  The wisest course it to keep
the Inbox as small as possible.  Once mail has come in, either delete it
if you do not need it, or file the mail into custom folders. Letting the
Inbox build up like that is asking for trouble.

I wrote an article concerning this, referring to SeaMonkey's ancestor,
Netscape 7.  I think it applies here as well:


Basically, do not use Inbox as a long term repository for stored email.
If you need to keep email, store it in archive folders.


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