In an earlier thread yesterday, I posted that my upgrade from SeaMonkey
1.1.14 to 1.1.15 yesterday immediately caused a corruption in the
"Internet Search" botton (the one that goes to the right of the command
line), which I thought I ought to repost in a new thread as there are
new issues at the point.

The logical suggestion was to create a new profile and to migrate my
archives files and settings to it. I created the new profile, copied my
bookmarks and address book to it, then I copied my Mail sub-folders and
files. I followed the simple instructions that I found at for migrating the old Password
Manager data from the old profile to the new one, ending with changing
the file name for the password data in the prefs.js file.

I made no other configuration changes, and here are the results:

1. The "Internet Search" feature is functional again.
2. The following Junk Settings have become non-functional:
   a. The setting "Move Junk mail to..." no longer works.
   b. Mail that the program marks as Junk does not automatically move
to the Junk folder.
   c. When I mark individual mails as Junk, they not not move to the
Junk folder.

The bottom line is that I have enable adaptive mail functions, but they no longer work. I hope someone can help me restore this very important feature.



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