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> googl...@kwcpa.com wrote:
> > Sorry - i'm viewing on the web where all prior messages show up, I was
> > trying to be space efficient.
> not everyone is viewing this group on google groups.
> Some of us are using the mozilla newsgroup and others
> are using the mailing lists
Yeah - I got that now
> > "If you choose to send in HTML then it wont be converted, it will be
> > sent as html."
> > This is a false statement.
> again, others have asked that you email them an html
> message and then we'll go from there, and so far you
> have failed to do that.
I'm happy to send a message to anyone.  just supply the email
> >  True statement:  "If you choose to send in
> > HTML, and there is nothing in your message that warrants HTML, SM will
> >convertto plaintextand send plaintext".
> maybe it is and maybe its not
Actually, it is.  There doesn't seem to be any dispute about this
statement in this thread (until now). The debate is whether this is
the single, correct behavior.
> > This is a well-established fact.  I am asking that the auto-conversion
> > be optional, so that your original statement becomes the truth.
> we've heard you many times.  Stop harping about it and
> file a bug:https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/and request
> for such an item
Did so long ago
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