I agree that, for any message, if you take select Options -> Format ->
send as Rich Text.  It will travel as HTML. My request is a way to
make this the default (i.e., override AutoDetect as the default in
Options -> Format).  I will now send you an email that, even though is
composed as HTML, and Sent as HTML (as per the options in Preferences
- Send Format), you will receive as plain text.


On Mar 30, 5:32 pm, "Moz Champion (Dan)" <moz.champ...@sympatico.ca>
> googl...@kwcpa.com wrote:
> > On Mar 30, 5:12 pm, Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo
> > <peter.potamus.the.purple.hi...@gmail.com> wrote:
> >> googl...@kwcpa.com wrote:
> >>> Sorry - i'm viewing on the web where all prior messages show up, I was
> >>> trying to be space efficient.
> >> not everyone is viewing this group on google groups.
> >> Some of us are using the mozilla newsgroup and others
> >> are using the mailing lists
> > Yeah - I got that now
> >>> "If you choose to send in HTML then it wont be converted, it will be
> >>> sent as html."
> >>> This is a false statement.
> >> again, others have asked that you email them an html
> >> message and then we'll go from there, and so far you
> >> have failed to do that.
> > I'm happy to send a message to anyone.  just supply the email
> >>>  True statement:  "If you choose to send in
> >>> HTML, and there is nothing in your message that warrants HTML, SM will
> >>> convertto plaintextand send plaintext".
> >> maybe it is and maybe its not
> > Actually, it is.  There doesn't seem to be any dispute about this
> > statement in this thread (until now). The debate is whether this is
> > the single, correct behavior.
> >>> This is a well-established fact.  I am asking that the auto-conversion
> >>> be optional, so that your original statement becomes the truth.
> >> we've heard you many times.  Stop harping about it and
> >> file a bug:https://bugzilla.mozilla.org/andrequest
> >> for such an item
> > Did so long ago
> >> --
> Well, when I Send a message from a HTML enabled account, in justtext,
> no html specifics, AND choose, send as HTML, it is received as the font
> I sent it in (proportional)
> If it had been 'converted' then I would have received the monospace
> version (plaintext).
> So for me, if I choose to send in html (only), then that is what is sent.
> my email is above, is attached to every post I make
> moz.champ...@sympatico.ca
> so send me a html formatted email, with no html objects/features in it
> already.

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