Actually it *is* a SeaMonkey issue. This is caused by the file locale/
en-US/global/ within en-US.jar which contains
the following lines:

handled_languages=ja, ko, zh-tw, zh-cn
name_ja=Japanese Text Display
name_ko=Korean Text Display
name_zh-tw=Traditional Chinese Text Display
name_zh-cn=Simplified Chinese Text Display
# LOCALIZATION NOTE : (size_ja), MB is megabytes
size_ja=5.3 MB
# LOCALIZATION NOTE : (size_ko), MB is megabytes
size_ko=2.1 MB
# LOCALIZATION NOTE : (size_zh-tw), MB is megabytes
size_zh-tw=3.9 MB
# LOCALIZATION NOTE : (size_zh-cn), MB is megabytes
size_zh-cn=4.4 MB
windowTitleNoDownload=Install Font

If you extract this file from en-US.jar (it is just a .zip file) and
blank out the handled_languages line and then re-add it to en-US.jar
then the problem will go away. Note this issue does not occur with
SeaMonkey 2.0a as the font manager is different.

Frankly I don't understand why this was ever done in the first place.
Anyone who can read these languages will already have the appropriate
fonts on their system and anyone who can't won't so this is basically
an unnecessary nuisance.
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