Peter Potamus the Purple Hippo wrote:
> John Doue wrote:
>> Tom Pamin wrote:
>>> Jay Garcia wrote:
>>>> On 04.04.2009 11:01, Tom Pamin wrote:
>>>>  --- Original Message ---
>>>>> Chris Ilias wrote:
>>>>>> On 4/4/09 11:35 AM, Tom Pamin wrote:
>>>>>>> Chris Ilias wrote:
>>>>>>>> On 4/4/09 11:20 AM, Tom Pamin wrote:
>>>>>>>>> What's the easiest way to delete Local Folders? They're
>>>>>>>>> driving me nuts.
>>>>>>>>> I fiinally did get them to go away following instructions on
>>>>>>>>> the web,
>>>>>>>>> but they keep coming back. I don't think I'm editing about:config
>>>>>>>>> correctly.
>>>>>>>> Yes, but it's not recommended. See
>>>>>>>> <>.
>>>>>>> I've tried that - no luck.
>>>>>> Just to note: The instructions say to edit prefs.js, not
>>>>>> about:config. When you say "I don't think I'm editing
>>>>>> about:config correctly", were you referring to those instructions?
>>>>> The instructions also mention about:config at the beginning.
>>>> Also be aware that if you create a new account, it will contain
>>>> Local Folders.
>>> I finally got it to stay gone by repeating the instructions several
>>> more times.
>> Just a suggestion.
>> I went through those hoops a long time ago, while I was still using
>> Netscape and it took me a long time to get this to work to my liking.
>> Eventually, I decided to live with those controversial local Folders.
>> As bookmarks in FF 3.xx today, Local Folders were then a very popular
>> topic; lots of people did not understand why they are there, and as
>> is the case for bookmarks in FF 3.xx today, others easily got
>> offended when users remarked on the complexity.
>> I eventually decided to use Local Folders as a storage place for my
>> Email Archives. This way, my archives are never far away when I need
>> them, but they are not in the way when I don't need them, which is
>> 99% of the time. Getting rid of Local Folders is satisfying, sure,
>> but making the best use of them is probably a wiser course of action.
>> My experience at least!
>> Regards
> removing local folders may cause problems down the road, as other
> things may require them.  For example, newsgroups use the local folders
To Peter Potamus: This string struck a memory chord: At one time I was
trying to find out how to get rid of a particular pair of Local Folders,
not the whole thing. I never succeeded in finding the file folder
mentioned as for some reason my lovely Win XP kept telling me there WAS
no such folder to edit or eliminate, so I gave up trying. The excess
Draft Folders are a nuisance, but the third Draft Folder is actually the
active one, and, rather than eliminate the wrong folder, I just ignore
the excess folders! So, I want to ask if there will be a way with the
new Seamonkey to eliminate those two folders, without eliminating the
third and usable one???? :-[
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